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Lynn Training Services CDA Program 

Our mission is to educate and provide valuable in-service training that Early Childhood Professionals and Educators need to work with children effectively. At Lynn Training Services, we provide quality online courses with flexible payment options. Our CDA Program is a 120 Hour Program taught by industry professionals who are passionate about the subjects they teach. 

The CDA (Child Development Associate) is a certification issued by the Council for Professional Recognition indicating that a child care provider has met professional standards in a specified set of subject areas. With our qualified and trained instructors, Lynn Training Services offers quality formal  training that covers all the core competencies required for learners and candidates to apply and obtain their CDA credential. Learners' success are based on their efforts and commitment to the courses.

Our CDA Program teaches the eight core competencies: 

Planning a safe and healthy learning environment

Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development

Supporting children’s social and emotional development

Building productive relationships with families

Managing an effective program operation

Maintaining a commitment to professionalism

Observing and recording children’s behavior

Understanding principles of child development and learning


Online: All courses can be completed online in the comfort of the learner’s home with internet access. Learners can complete their course work at their local library if they do not have internet at home. All books needed for the course will be e-books that students will have access to once enrolled in our CDA program. Students will have the flexibility to work and spend time with their families while studying.

Start Dates  

Here at Lynn Training Services, we believe in flexibility not only with our payment options but with our start dates. LTS Online Learning offers multiple starts for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer training sessions. Every session has two start dates to fit the needs of all learners. All learners have the option to elective and choose their start date for their CDA program at Lynn Training Services.  Typically, training sessions starts on the last Monday of the month unless advised otherwise. 

Fall                     September (Session 1)

                            October (Session 2)

Winter                December (Session 1)

                             January (Session 2)

Spring                 March (Session 1)

                             April (Session 2)

Summer              June (Session 1)

                              July (Session 2) 

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